Reintegration into Society:
The Job Search Centre, where we are able to produce cover letters, resumes, and any other letters needed by our clients. We also actively search the various data bases for temporary, seasonal and part time jobs.
A training program is available in conjunction with Emploi Quebec, where the recipients receive not only the training but also an increase in their income plus free monthly transportation.
Housing, helping people find available rentals, every second half of the month.
Workshops are provided on Gambling, Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs.
Community Work through the Y.M.C.A. This is a program designed for individuals who have trouble paying their fines to work community service hours instead.
Free Beds are provided to those were able to leave the street and are renting an apartment. This is a program called The Gift of Bed in conjunction with Dormez vous.
Referrals (social, medical and legal services).
We have implemented a service in which we are helping the clients to file their income tax.
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