Overview: The programs we run are designed to foster the full restoration of our clients. That is why we have three different levels of services: The first level meets the immediate needs of the people, the second level builds up their self worth, and the third level facilitates their reintegration into society. Our initial goal is to see that the primary needs of clients are met. From there we begin building them up and empowering them. All of the services that we offer are free of charge.

The programs of The Open Door directly benefit between 1800 and 2200 people per month. Some come regularly, others come occasionally, and some are one-time visitors.

Meeting Immediate Needs

  • We provide a light breakfast and full course meals.
  • The Clothing Depot: we have a variety of clothing available for men and women.
  • Emergency Food is provided according to the needs of the people.

Building Up Self Worth

  • The laundry room provides laundry services for our clientele.
  • free phone line is available for everyone.
  • Free eye glasses are provided with a program called the Gift of Sight in conjunction with the Lions Club and Lenscrafters.
  • Spiritual counselling is available.

Reintegration Into Society

The Job Search Centre, where we are able to produce cover letters, resumes, and any other letters needed by our clients. We also actively search the various data bases for temporary, seasonal and part time jobs.

training program is available in conjunction with Emploi Quebec, where the recipients receive not only the training but also an increase in their income plus free monthly transportation.

Housing, helping people find available rentals, every second half of the month.

Workshops are provided on Gambling, Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs.

Community Work through the Y.M.C.A. This is a program designed for individuals who have trouble paying their fines to work community service hours instead.

Referrals (social, medical and legal services).

We have implemented a service in which we are helping the clients to file their income tax.

Partnership with Others

Part of The Open Door’s vision is to bring services from other organizations to our drop-in centre, where clients are more likely to use these services. They do not have to spend hours waiting to be served or suffer the embarrassment of being in an office carrying all their belongings in a shopping cart.

Face to Face provides counselling, temporary proof of residency, a mailing address, and a listening and intervention service.

The Open Door continues to work with The Canadian Mental Health Commission on the At Home Project, and we have started to see this project bear fruit. Several people who use the services of The Open Door have been housed in apartments through the project. About 60% of the individuals who have interviews for the At Home Project are subsequently granted an apartment.

social worker from the YMCA comes to The Open Door once a week. The social worker sits and talks with the clients to identify their specific needs and aids them in exploring a suitable solution.

The organization Équipe de Médiation Urbaine has started to work with The Open Door. They help clients find peaceful resolutions to their conflicts, either with other clients or within the community at large.

Group Harmony visits the Open Door to reach clients above the age of 55 who need help dealing with addiction and toxic substance abuse.